Confessions of a Horse Husband: Life with my Horse Lady (""The Horse Lady"" series Book 1) por James Dick

Confessions of a Horse Husband: Life with my Horse Lady (
Titulo del libro : Confessions of a Horse Husband: Life with my Horse Lady (""The Horse Lady"" series Book 1)
Autor : James Dick

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James Dick con Confessions of a Horse Husband: Life with my Horse Lady (""The Horse Lady"" series Book 1)

Confessions of a “Horse Husband” is a true story written by a man who became who he is because of his love for a beautiful woman who lives, eats, sleeps and dreams horses. She is “The Horse Lady” and she’s one of a large number of active women who are devoted to all things equine. After nearly seventeen years of being a “Horse Husband”, the author decided it was time to document this lifestyle with its positive changes and impact. There are thousands of men sharing the same lifestyle, for there are many beautiful, smart and sometimes stubborn women who have the “horse bug.” It is not a disease, but it is an addiction which starts with their first experience with the beautiful animal known as the horse and captures them. And when a man falls in love with a “Horse Lady”, he quickly becomes acquainted with the motto that guides her: “Love me, love my horses.” It’s just the way they are. If he wants her to love him, he must accept her as she is and want to be a part of her lifestyle. To do otherwise will result in failure.Confessions of a "Horse Husband" is about making mistakes, paying for those mistakes with bruises and painful toes among other body parts, and learning from those mistakes. It is also about having fun and laughter, enjoying the fresh air and open space and experiencing love in a special setting. It covers some of the most memorable moments of his life. The story is never dull, it's full of surprises and involves widely different situations, many wonderful and some not so much.Experience the life of the “Horse Husband” as he lives the lifestyle of being the partner of a lady equestrian and he delights in what she does with horses. And don’t worry, she allows him the occasional grumble or two which comes with married life.There's Hailey the "Boss Mare", who rules the herd completely. Then there's the old man, Gabe, a gelding in the twilight of his years yet still capable of causing a surprise when he wants. Or what about Flannel Jams, the OTTB who has a wonderful disposition unless you come on too strong. And we can't leave out the ponies, like the precocious Charm, a beauty who loves to tease, just like her mother who gained the nickname, the “Pony of the Corn.” And these are just a few of those wonderful animals that "The Horse Lady" and her “Horse Husband” have fed, watered and cared for as part of the family. There are many more that will be presented as well as part of the story.But make no mistake, the real "Boss Mare" of the family herd is not a horse, but "The Horse Lady" herself. She’s what makes the wheels turn for the horse family. Come take a look at their story. If you love horses it's a "no brainer," and you will immediately find yourself at home. If you know nothing about horses, you will likely learn something of interest and have some fun to boot. It's about living an active life style and loving it. And while it’s true that you can't sleep in on Saturday if you own horses, you'll find that you don't want to.The book includes beauty, pride, joy, humor, sadness and, most of all, love. Love is what it takes to win the heart of “The Horse Lady.” It’s a special love that requires a special type of man. And that’s because it also requires loving what she does with those beautiful animals who have captivated her and loving them as well.Open the pages and find out why this "Horse Husband", despite a few questioning moments, wouldn't change his lifestyle for anything. Come read his confessions.