The Deep-sky Imaging Primer por Charles Bracken

The Deep-sky Imaging Primer por Charles Bracken
Titulo del libro : The Deep-sky Imaging Primer
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 28, 2017
Autor : Charles Bracken
Número de páginas : 240
ISBN : 0999470906
Editor : Deep-sky Publishing

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Charles Bracken con The Deep-sky Imaging Primer

Páginas: 240 Géneros: 12:AJ:Photography & photographs 12:AJG:Photographic equipment & techniques 12:UYT:Image processing Sinopsis: The book that taught thousands of people about astrophotography has been ,completely revised and updated in this second edition. It covers everything you ,need to know to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects with a DSLR or CCD ,camera